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POWC316 - Power Engineering Fourth Class Boiler Lab

Prerequisites: POWC400 and POWC401 or POWC402 and POWC403 or PE402 or PNT405A or POWT1255 and POWT2355 and POWT2455

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Course Overview

If you have completed the Fourth Class Power Engineering Part A and Part B theory courses but do not have the work experience required to become an ABSA certified Fourth Class Power Engineer, then this course is right for you. Gain hands-on power engineering experience in this interactive lab. Explore small high-pressure boilers and their elements including boiler fittings, pipe fittings, refrigeration systems and basic controls to understand their the operations for steam generation.

With the hands-on training that you accomplish in this course, you will have the work experience required to become certified as a Fourth Class Power Engineer.

To apply:

For registration into the 4th Class Boiler lab, you must have successfully completed both Part A and Part B 4th Class theory courses. If these were completed at a different institution, then you will need to submit your official transcript for enrolment.

Effective July 1, 2019, students must also provide documentation that they have completed WHMIS 2015.

To submit your official transcript by mail:
Mailing Address/courier delivery
NAIT Office of the Registrar
11762 106 Street NW
Room T409
Edmonton, AB
T5G 3H1

To submit your official transcript in person:
Power Engineering CML office
Room L169
Continuing Education and Industry Training Centre
11762-106 ST. NW
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2R1

You must have a NAIT Student ID number for your official transcript to be processed. If you do not have one, please go to and choose the ‘sign in’ option. This will prompt you to set up an account.

Once you have completed the above tasks, please send an email with your student ID number so we can keep an eye on your application.

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