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Baking Summer Camp

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Career Pathway Camps

Culinary Arts

Take your cooking and baking skills to the next level! From sweet treats to exotic dishes, and everything in-between – expand your scrumptious scope with the pros from NAIT culinary.

Description Age groups
Junior Bakers 8-9 YRS, 10-11 YRS, 12-15 YRS
Junior Chefs 7-9 YRS, 10-12 YRS, 13-15 YRS
Culinary Summer Camp

Web, Gaming & Animation

If you’re drawn to all things digital, you’ve come to the right place. Get lost in the world of coding, software and scripting to bring your stories, games and designs to life.

Description Age groups
Animation Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Computer Game Design - Level One 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Computer Game Design - Level Two 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Photoshop Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Stop Motion Animation Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Web Design Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Two boys sitting at Apple computers in digital media summer camp.

Film, Photography & Art

Lights, camera, action! Do you have a flair for art, photography or film? We’re rolling out the red carpet for you to embark on a photo safari, perfect the art of drawing or produce your own short film.

Description Age groups
Art Attack Camp 8-10 YRS & 9-12 YRS
Digital Photography Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Film Makers Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Graphic Editors Camps 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Manga/Anime Drawing Camp 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
Digital Media Summer Camp

Engineering & Discovery

Simulators? Check. Problem solving? Check. Exploration? Double check. Dive deep into the how and why of things through research and hands-on activities with NAIT’s own Engineering Technologists.

Description Age groups
Engineering Explorers Camp 11-14 YRS
Two boys work together to make a small electrical device

Architecture & Design

Calling all aspiring city planners, up-and-coming buildings and interior design enthusiasts! Put on your creativity caps and get ready to explore your visions of architecture, design and city planning.

Description Age groups
Design Your World Camp 11-14 YRS
Youth in Design Camp 10-14 YRS
A girl with markers and large sheets of paper smiling and drawing city planning renderings.

Tools & Tech

Love working with your hands? Construct, cut, weld, measure, operate, repair and build your way to an experience in Skilled Trades.

Description Age groups
Exploring Skilled Trades Camp 11-14 YRS
Journey Girls (Girls only) 11-14 YRS
Four girls standing together at a construction site in summer wearing hard hats and PPE

Recreation Camps

If you love active fun, Recreation Camps are for you! From mini paintball to skateboarding, from bowling to laser tag, we have awesome activities for every age group.

Description Age groups
Fun Fitness (Boys only) 9-12 YRS
G-Force (Girls only) 10-14 YRS
Mini Ooks 5-6 YRS & 7-8 YRS
Multi-Sports Camp 8-12 YRS
Rad Camp Extreme 8-12 YRS
Sport Olympics 8-10 YRS
Street Performers 6-8 YRS & 9-12 YRS
Recreation Summer Camp

Sports Camps

A combination of games and other activities with a focus on fundamental movement, and skill development.

Description Age groups
Badminton Camp 10-17 YRS
Volleyball/Basketball Combo Camp 10-14 YRS

Hockey Camps

Description Age groups
Total Hockey Development - Novice U9
Total Hockey Development - Atom U11
Total Hockey Development - Peewee U13
Hockey Summer Camp