Crane and Hoist Equipment Operator

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Apprenticeship is a method of gaining the expertise needed to become a skilled tradesperson. This is done through a combination of on-the-job experience and classroom training.

Most apprenticeship programs are 3-4 periods in length, with an average of 8 weeks for each training period. In addition, there are specific allotments of on-the-job training hours associated with each period, so most apprentices complete 1 period per calendar year.

You want to be a mobile crane operator. You want to operate hoist and swing equipment used to move machinery, materials, and other large objects. You know all about booms that are mounted on crawlers and wheeled frames, as well as hoisting equipment with a vertical mast or tower and jib.

But you need to learn more, like how to service hoist and swing equipment, or how to set up the machine for the lift using blocking and leveling materials. Maybe you want to know how to rig up the machine by pinning the boom and pendant cables and pulling the hoist cable.

Here are a few of the other subjects covered in the CHEO – Mobile Crane apprenticeship program at NAIT:

  • load chart reading

  • operating procedures

  • safe rigging practices

  • lift planning

  • new technology

  • multi-crane lifts

Thank you Melcor Developments Ltd. for your support of the Crane and Hoist program. 

Hands-on, industry-relevant skills

If you are an independent worker and capable decision-maker who likes to work as part of a team, then you will enjoy working as a mobile crane operator.

Mobile crane operators mostly work outdoors and in noisy, dusty conditions. You will travel throughout Alberta and perform your work in all types of weather. By nature of the work, you must be aware of power line contact, crane overloads, falls and inclement weather conditions.

Training at NAIT

The Mobile Crane Operator apprenticeship term is:

  • 3 years (three 12-month periods)
  • minimum of 1500 hours on-the-job training each year
  • 6 weeks of technical training in year 1 and 3
Mobile Crane

Mobile crane operators train at the

Melton Crane and Hoisting

Building at Spruce Grove Campus (281 Tamarack Drive).

This program is for training apprentices to use cranes with a lifting capacity of 15 tons and above.

We have 4 state-of-the-art crane simulators to give students a real experience of the physics of operating a mobile crane while in a safe environment.

PPE Requirements

Please ensure you have the following personal protective equipment (PPE) when you arrive for the first day of classes. Find everything you need online at

  • CSA-approved steel-toed boots (min. 6”)
  • clear safety glasses
  • safety gloves
  • hard hat
  • seasonal workwear

Enter the workforce with confidence

Boom Truck

As a boom truck operator, you will often find yourself travelling to various job sites. Boom truck operator work can change with seasonal and economic fluctuations, and many crane operators are members of unions.

Boom truck operators are employed by general contractors and subcontractors in a variety of industries, including forestry, mining, construction, oil and gas and crane rental companies.

Journeyperson boom truck operators can also drive wellhead boom trucks and advance to supervisory positions. You could also set up your own crane rental business.


Boom Truck
Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane

As a mobile crane operator, you will often find yourself travelling to various job sites. Mobile crane operator work can change with seasonal and economic fluctuations, and many crane operators are members of unions.

Mobile crane operators are employed by general contractors and subcontractors in a variety of industries, including forestry, mining, construction, oil and gas and crane rental companies.

Journeyperson mobile crane operators can advance to supervisory positions, or you could set up your own crane rental business.


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