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The location where your NAIT courses will be held.


The type of certification you will earn after completing your program.

  • Certificate Achievement - An approved non-credit program that has a formal summative assessment component, has mappped program or course outcomes, and is subject to a regular quality curriculum review process.
  • Certificate Completion - A non-credit program that has no formal summative assessment component and is subject to a regular quality curriculum review process.
  • Continuing Education/Non-Credit - NAIT offers a wide range of non-credit programs and courses for personal and professional development in a number of interesting and exciting fields. These options are great for people who may be working but are interested in studying as well.

Delivery Options

The flexible schedule options for this course including time of day and full/part-time.

  • On-Campus Day - Your course activity is done in-person Monday - Friday, before 5 PM.
  • On-Campus Evening/Weekend - Your course activity is done in-person on weekdays from 5 PM or later, or Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Online Day - Your course activity is done online Monday - Friday, before 5 PM.
  • Online Evening/Weekend - Your course activity is done online on weekdays from 5 PM or later, or Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Online Flexible Delivery - Your course activity is not scheduled and therefore you can determine when to do the coursework.
  • Both On-Campus and Virtual - Some of your coursework will be in-person, on campus and some will be done online.

NAIT has partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute to deliver a training program covering the key areas required to become a skilled digital marketer in any industry and sector. Develop the practical, hands-on skills required to create successful multi-channel digital campaigns. You will come away with an actionable digital marketing strategy and the know-how to help drive success for your business.

The program of formal learning comprises individual modules which are delivered by NAIT's expert practitioners either online or in our classrooms. Each course is 42 hours of delivered materials. This outline for The Digital Marketing Professional course will give you all the details of learning outcomes and course content. The Digital Marketing Institute's Digital Diagnostic Tool helps you assess your digital skills and knowledge in comparison to your peers and industry.

Stay Connected. Stay Relevant. Introducing Membership.

To further support your professional journey, you will be joining DMI’s membership body which provides far-reaching benefits to your education, including 12 months of free exclusive access to the following:

  • industry best practices covering trending and current topics
  • networking opportunities within a global market
  • toolkits with time-saving and effective solutions to both common and bespoke problems
  • a comprehensive content library in various formats to address every skill level and interest

Live Virtual Lectures, Self-directed Learning and Certification

What to Expect


The program of formal learning comprises individual modules that reflect the core functions and key disciplines in Digital Marketing which are delivered by NAIT's expert practitioners in our classrooms. Each course is 30 -40 hours of delivered materials. 

Self-directed Learning

In addition to the lectures, the Digital Marketing Institute has provided a range of additional resources to supplement your Digital Marketing knowledge and to enable you to engage in further self-directed learning. The additional resources include

  • slide decks with detailed notes for each module
  • guided demonstrations or “walk-throughs” of key tasks and procedures
  • sets of practical exercises

We recommend that for each 3-hour module you allocate an additional 2.5 – 3 hours to facilitate self-directed learning and further reading or study, depending on your existing knowledge and experience.  

Interactive Quizzes

This program includes an extensive collection of interactive online quizzes, which you can access at any time using a Web browser. The interactive quizzes are not assessed, nor will they contribute to your overall grade for this program. Their primary purpose is to encourage regular practice and to enable you to check knowledge and progress frequently during your course of study.

They provide instant feedback on your answer choices to provide learning reinforcement, which can assist learning retention over time. We strongly recommended that you attempt each of the quizzes in all modules and then also re-take them periodically as a revision tool to help further embed the learning.

Practical Exercises

A series of Practical Exercise are included in the program as an additional learning resource and study aid. Like the quizzes, Practical Exercises are not assessed and don’t contribute to your overall grade for this program.

They are an optional activity to enable you to check your deeper understanding of key digital marketing tasks, processes, procedures, strategy and best practice. The Practical Exercises are structured activities that provide an opportunity for you to integrate your learning from each module as a whole and apply it to fulfill a targeted, practical digital marketing goal.


Once your course is complete you may choose to receive certification from the Digital Marketing Institute by completing a 3-hour computer-based examination. All Digital Marketing Institute examinations are delivered through a network of authorized test centres. There is an additional fee, outside of the course fees, to write the exam. You have 24 weeks from your course end date to take your exam. Please note this date cannot be extended.

We suggest you schedule your exam 4 – 6 weeks after completing the program as this provides you with an opportunity to re-sit the exam, if necessary, by week 24. You have a maximum of 3 attempts to take the exam. It is the responsibility of each student to book their exam within the correct time frame. Early booking of the exam is advised to ensure availability at your preferred test center.

Upon successful completion of the exam you will receive a digital certificate confirming your Certified Digital Marketing Professional qualification. Please be mindful that you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the exam process as per the Exam Guidelines. You will receive the Exam Guidelines on completion of your NAIT course.

Enter the workforce with confidence

Future-proof your career by gaining the latest and most up-to-date digital marketing skills needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital economy.

By earning this certification you will be able to:

  • conduct digital research
  • set business objectives for campaigns
  • establish, develop and optimize digital strategies.
  • create and curate content
  • manage paid and organic campaigns via various social channels
  • design effective emails
  • understand how analytics can be used to illustrate a variety of factors

By becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, you will be prepared to take up a more evolved role in the overall marketing field and ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills needed to create a cohesive, effective online strategy. 

This certification is ideal for a wide range of professionals including:

  • Marketing Executives
  • Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Senior Management

It is also ideal for small business owners or anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies, along with anyone keen to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional will benefit you regardless of your skills or experience and will empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.


Linda Kuhn - Eagle's Nest Catering

Linda Kuhn, Owner/Chef, Eagle's Nest Catering

I had been thinking of upgrading some of my marketing skills and my first choice for programs was NAIT. As a NAIT alumni, I know the quality of the programs and the instructors are world-class.  I did not hesitate to sign up for the Digital Marketing Professional Program.

Our instructor was highly knowledgeable about all the platforms and the continually changing world of digital marketing. The course content was exceptional, especially with the added challenge of doing the entire course online.

The added benefit of being granted access to the DMI Institute and the content on their website was also very helpful. I was able to apply the goals in each module weekly to my business and it made a huge impact on my sales.

I would highly recommend the Digital Marketing Professional Program to any business owner who wants to understand and execute their marketing plan better or to anyone wanting to explore a career in digital marketing.


James Rennick BEd, MBA

James Rennick BEd, MBA

James Rennick is a digital marketing specialist with over 10 years of industry experience.

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