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OHSC150 - WHMIS 2015

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Course Overview

Do you need WHMIS certification to obtain, maintain, or enhance your employment? Upon successful completion of this course you will receive WHMIS certification and meet the Hazardous Products Regulations requirements of Health Canada.

At the end of this self-directed online course you will have the knowledge, insights, and practical application with key Globally Harmonized System (GHS) WHMIS 2015 and WHMIS 1988 elements. You will be able to describe hazard identification, identify product classification and labelling, and recognize the meaning of WHMIS pictographs. You will also be able to describe the essential components of and use Safety Data Sheets (SDSs).

Upon successful completion of all course requirements and the final assessment you will be issued a WHMIS certificate within 3 days.

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