Academic Requirements

Check with your program 

Academic requirements, including high school courses, diplomas, and minimum grades, are specific to each program offered at NAIT. As such, it's best to read through the requirements listed on each program's page to understand what's required for entry into a program.

NAIT can only access information on completed courses. If you are currently enrolled in a course required for admission, you will need to submit a proof of enrolment form or progress report. 

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Post-secondary transfer agreements

Please visit Transfer Alberta to search out of province equivalencies and further details to help plan your post-secondary pathway. High school and post-secondary transcripts will be assessed for Alberta Education equivalents. Where appropriate, post-secondary courses may be assessed as high school equivalents to ensure the highest mark is used to calculate entrance requirements.

Note: Letter grades and courses may not be exactly equivalent across institutions or provinces. In the absence of official percentages, NAIT's grading system will be used to convert letter grades.

Learn about NAIT's grading system

English language proficiency

NAIT screens applicants for English Language Proficiency (ELP). As such, you may need to provide proof of your ability to read, write, speak and comprehend verbal English during the admission process.

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Proof of enrolment

Applicants enrolled in prerequisite courses outside of NAIT in a future semester must provide proof of enrolment.

Until final grades are available, previous level final marks will be used to assess eligibility once the proof of enrolment is provided. Applicants are notified on the MyNAIT Portal if proof of enrolment is required.

Applications will be cancelled if proofs of enrolment are not submitted by the deadline on the MyNAIT Portal or by the application deadline, whichever comes first

Acceptable proof of enrolment documents*

  • Completed Proof of Enrolment form
  • Official reporting software used by school divisions (PowerSchool, SchoolZone)
  • E-class schedule
  • Receipt of purchase for class(es)
  • Transcripts with future subjects indicated
  • Letter from school reflecting enrolment in upcoming class(es)

In all cases, the school name must be indicated either electronically, on school letterhead or with a school stamp.

Progress report

A progress report is required for applicants who are currently taking prerequisite courses outside of NAIT.

Those applicants taking prerequisite courses in the current semester are required to submit a progress report reflecting current grades.

Acceptable progress report documents*

  • Completed Proof of Enrolment form
  • Official electronic marks reporting software used by school divisions (PowerSchool, SchoolZone)
  • Transcripts with current courses and grades
  • Letter from school reflecting current grades

In all cases, the school name must be indicated either electronically, on school letterhead or with a school stamp.

All grades submitted in the progress report must show the current grade in the course(s).

  * All documents must include the student name, start/end date or term, and school name

Final grades

All final grades are verified upon receipt of final transcripts. If you fail to complete the course indicated on the proof of enrolment or progress report, or if the final grades do not meet minimum/competitive requirements, NAIT will cancel your application.  

If you have been offered conditional acceptance to a NAIT program and your final transcripts are not received, or the final grades do not meet minimum/competitive requirements, your offer of admission will be revoked.