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Continuing Education

Home Inspection Certificate

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Become a trusted home inspector

The home inspection profession is relatively young and has evolved from a rarely used service to one that is routinely sought after by prospective homebuyers. Currently more than 75% of resale homes are inspected; over the next decade, it is expected that nearly every resale home will be inspected.

The NAIT Home Inspection Certificate, offered in partnership with Carson Dunlop & Associates, prepares you to become provincially licensed and launch an exciting new career as a professional Home Inspector. It supplies the technical skills and knowledge necessary to conduct valuable inspection services to prospective residential homebuyers and sellers. You can complete all 10 courses through an online blended delivery format, which is a combination of text resources and online learning guided by tutor support.

You do not need a construction-related background to become a Home Inspector, but you must be technically accurate and able to provide superb customer service to your clients.

Hands-on, industry-relevant skills

The NAIT Home Inspection Certificate is designed to educate in a logical, progressive way. For each component and house system covered in the program, the approach follows this simple 10-step learning process:

  1. Introduction of the component or house system (Name and description)
  2. What does it do? (Function)
  3. What is it made of? (Materials/components)
  4. What does it look like? (Appearance/location)
  5. How does it work? (Operating sequence/details)
  6. What can go wrong? (Non-performance)
  7. What causes the problems? (Why did it break?)
  8. What are the implications of problems? (What happens if it doesn't do its job?)
  9. How do I find out if it is doing its job? (This is the home inspection expert part!)
  10. What do I tell my client? (The report) 

Learning Resources

Each of the Home Inspection courses has a corresponding required learning resource, which is not included in the tuition fee. Required learning resources are available for purchase from Carson Dunlop. For a list of textbooks, please visit the Carson Dunlop Store

Students who register in Home Inspection courses will receive a coupon code for a discount of $145.00 per resource and full ordering and refund information by email.

Course Map

Students must achieve a minimum grade of 80% in each Group 1 course and a minimum grade of 80% on the Comprehensive Assessment I to be eligible to continue into Group 2 courses.

A supervised, comprehensive written assessment is required after the completion of all courses within each group. The comprehensive written assessments will include topics from each of the five courses within the associated group and must be completed under the supervision of an approved exam invigilator. Students must achieve an 80% or greater on each assessment.

Your classes, your schedule

The Home Inspection Certificate courses are delivered in a self-paced online format. Courses begin on the 1st of the month and students are provided 15 weeks to complete each course. Students may register in multiple courses at a time.

Enter the workforce with confidence

If you are a good communicator, enjoy working with people and have an interest in construction and how things work, Home Inspection may be right for you. 

As a Certified Home Inspector, you may choose to start your own home inspection business or work for an established home inspection company.
For information on Home Inspector provincial licensing requirements in Alberta, please visit the Service Alberta Home Inspector's Licence page. Licensing requirements vary among provinces.

After completion

Students must achieve an 80% or greater in each course and on each of the two comprehensive written assessments.

Students who successfully complete all 10 courses and the two comprehensive written assessments within the Home Inspection program are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement from NAIT. Students must apply for the certificate by completing a Request for Certification form and returning the completed form to ced_ast@nait.ca.

For information on Home Inspector provincial licensing requirements in Alberta, please visit the Service Alberta Home Inspector's License page. Licensing requirements vary among provinces.