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CCTB103 - Process Modeling

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Despite proven process management and information technology methodologies, excellent modeling tools, and robust modeling notations like BPMN, and despite all the well-intentioned efforts spent by business analysts and business subject matter experts, a lot of business process models don’t meet expectations. Why? Business analysts, managers, productivity improvement specialists, and consultants who develop process models by trial and error are prone to fail.

This course is written to help you to establish or improve your business process modeling competence. It gives you a proven, effective process modeling procedure, razor-sharp elicitation agendas and defined quality criteria for producing a high-quality business process model for any project. This is the only start-to-finish how-to guide for consistently producing high-quality business models. You will be able to:

  • Establish or improve your business process modeling competence using the 6-step Universal Process Modeling Procedure.
  • Perceive, define/normalize any business process or activity and 4-part Universal Business Process Definition.
  • Never miss the 3 Basic Business Process Flow elements.
  • Efficiently elicit process model content using razor-sharp elicitation agendas.
  • Elicit and model the 10 most common logical process model refinements.
  • Validate any process model’s quality using 5 Universal Process Model Quality Checklists.
  • Use any process modeling tool at-hand, whether it be white board, or process modeling software

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