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CCTB416 - Workshop: A Day in the Life of a Software Tester

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Course Overview

This course introduces the concept of non-functional testing, what is involved and how to conduct non-functional testing, explanation of each of the areas covered and why non-functional testing is an important integral part of testing the Software application. This testing involves testing of software aspects that are not related to specific function or user actions and topics covered include:
This course combines the theory learned within the other CCTB Software Testing courses and allows you to connect the dots and gives you practical experience as a Software tester. The course over 2 days allows you to put into practice the theory learned in the other courses so far.
We start by giving you a project to test; you have to complete the fundamental test process and activities; starting with test planning and continue through to test closure. You will get practical experience by doing the activities within the fundamental test process which fall into the following basic steps:

  • Planning and Control
  • Analysis and Design
  • Implementation and Execution
  • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting
  • Test Closure Activities

    Recommended: Completion of following Software Testing courses CCTB410, CCTB411, CCTB412, CCTB413, CCTB414, CCTB415, CCTB112

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