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CCTG121 - Hexagon GeoMedia Basic Training

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Course Overview

Mapping solutions made simple - for the novice and the experienced GIS technician alike. Combining both visualization and analysis tools, Hexagon’s GeoMedia Professional is an efficient software solution to help you create custom mapping solutions.

The objective of this training is to provide attendees with a basic understanding of GeoMedia. It includes introduction to GIS concepts, installation and configuration procedures, and standard GeoMedia features. Graduates of this course will be able to create professional analytics and maps using data from different sources from various databases and vector formats. Graduates of this course will also be able to work with different projections, the advanced symbology and labeling mechanisms of GeoMedia, data validation, and advanced analysis.

It is recommended that you complete CCTG101, GIS Concepts and Application Types, or have equivalent courses or practical experience.

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