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Continuing Education

CCTP10 - Introduction to Programming

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Course Overview

Step into the world of programming, an essential skill for today’s world. In this foundational computer programming course, students will be introduced to a wide scope of programming concepts such as, variables logical structures, controlling application flow and programming tools while creating applications using the Python programming language. Begin with the basics by discussing what a computer program is, creation of computer applications. Students will also explore the differences between various programming languages, learn about computer code organization, scripting vs compiled programming, data flow and exception handling.

Additional study topics include:

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming concepts and how they apply to different languages
  • Different Architectures, Client Server, n-Tier, and client applications and how they apply to today’s software environment
  • Development cycle in today’s Rapid Application Development World, RAD

    Recommended: CCTO101 Windows Desktop Operating System, equivalent courses or practical experience.

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