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CCTW500 - Responsive Web Design Level II

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Course Overview

Build responsive websites that work on any computer or mobile device. Upon successful completion of this advanced-level course, you will be able to use CSS Animation, Web Type, JavaScript Libraries and other advanced techniques for web design.

In this fifth course in the web development series of courses, you will continue the use of Mobile First and Responsive Web Design, graduates of this advanced course will be able to develop accessible and standards-compliant web pages using modern techniques. With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to integrate TypeKit and other web fonts, integrate advanced CSS animation, and use JavaScript libraries. You will also be able to integrate advanced JQuery techniques into your websites, build graphics using HTML Canvas, and use Sass to build even better websites.

This course is taught using Open Source tools and browser add-ons which you can download and install on your own computer for free.

It is recommended that you complete CCTW400 Responsive Web Design Level 1, or have equivalent skills, before registering for this course.

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