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CMCP101 - Introduction to Competence Management

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Course Overview

This module is designed to introduce the concepts of Competence Management as well as instruct participants how to build a basic performance (competence) standard.

The people involved in building the competence standards at an organization may or may not be subject matter experts. Working with others to draw out information and therefore should have strong interpersonal skills.

Participants will be asked to come to class prepared with an entry level position in mind with which to get started so they can develop a basic competence standard of their own by the end of the session.

Outcome: Develop a competence standard spreadsheet.

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:
1. Define Competence as it relates to the workplace;
2. Relate how skill, knowledge and attitude are tied to competence;
3. Contrast Units, Elements and Performance Criteria in a competence standard;
4. Describe the role training and work instructions play in developing competent employees;
5. Create a competence standard spreadsheet for an existing entry level position.

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