The future of plant-based foods

  • May. 21, 2020
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Plant-based meat alternatives are front and centre today due to changing perspectives on healthy eating and concerns about environmental sustainability.  Although plant-based foods are predicted to have unprecedented growth, there are still some aspects of the food category that are under debate.

Creating convincing meat, dairy, and egg alternatives is challenging.  The toughest area and the holy grail for research is a successful meat alternative. The challenge? Texture. Flavour, aroma, colour and cooking characteristics can be on point, but the bite and chewiness are not always convincing. However, the increased availability of plant-based ingredients with better flavour, colour, and functionality has supported the development of innovative products that are closer to the foods they mimic. 

NAIT's Centre for Culinary Innovation has established specialized expertise in the area of plant-based foods because our research partners  want to develop new products and evaluate the functionality of plant-based ingredients in culinary applications. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Whether plant-based foods are better for you and the planet
  • What plant-based options exist
  • The cost difference of buying plant-based alternatives rather than meat
  • Future of food research

Maynard Kolskog

Certified Research Chef, NAIT Centre for Culinary Innovation

Maynard's research and product development is primarily in plant-based foods and ingredients, specializing in local prairie crop products and value-added foods. Prior to that, he was a culinary instructor with the NAIT Department of Culinary Arts and Professional Food Studies.

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