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    Applied degree programs offer a stronger emphasis on practical applications of the concepts learned in the classroom
  • Diplomas & Certificates - These credit programs take 1 or 2 years and lead to government approved and industry-recognized credentials.
  • Journeyman Certificate - Hands-on and expert-led apprenticeship and industry training for skilled trades and technology professionals.
  • Continuing Education/Non-Credit - NAIT offers a wide range of non-credit programs and courses for personal and professional development in a number of interesting and exciting fields. These options are great for people who may be working but are interested in studying as well.

Delivery Options

The flexible schedule options for this course including time of day and full/part-time.

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Open Studies

Open Studies allows you to explore credit courses without applying to a program.
It is an opportunity to get a feel for school and what program you want to be in.

International Students

Program availability may be limited for international applicants. Contact your student advisor for more information.

Advanced Credit

You may apply for advanced credit once you have been accepted into the program. Advanced Credit can be Transfer Credit (for completed post-secondary courses) or PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition).

Transfer Credit

In addition to the common guidelines outlined on the Transfer and Credit Options section and on the Transfer Credit Request Form (PDF), your program has other advanced credit requirements that are applied to each request including:

  • You must have completed the course or program no more than 10 year(s) ago unless a formalized articulation agreement is in place
  • You must have a minimum mark of D in the course(s) or program

Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

Students in the program can challenge courses in the program. If you have successful work experience in the Applied Financial Services field, and you can provide evidence of your skills and knowledge to meet learning outcomes for courses within the program, you may be able to challenge courses through PLAR.

For all course challenges, you must first apply to the program, be accepted and have paid your non-refundable tuition deposit. You can only receive credit for up to 50% of any NAIT credit program.

To learn more and to begin the process, read through the following

  1. Fact Sheet - Applied Financial Services (pdf)
  2. Candidate Guide - Applied Financial Services (pdf)
  3. Application Form (pdf)
  4. Payment Form (pdf)

Contact the program for additional information about Advanced Credit.

Learn how to invest, lend and manage assets

With help from the Applied Financial Services certificate program, you could fast track your way into the financial services industry. In less than a year, you’ll be prepared for a career in financial services firms through a combination of technical and interpersonal skills development that builds your confidence and provides you with the skills you need to succeed.

Our courses focus on in-class business simulations that combine financial service with foundational business knowledge. As you progress in the program, you will learn to integrate the complexity of managing business processes with excellent service skills.

Employment rates reported by NAIT alumni are for information purposes and do not guarantee future employment opportunities.

Salaries reported by NAIT alumni are for information purposes and are not a guarantee of future alumni income.

Hands-on, industry-relevant skills 

The Applied Financial Services program will show you how to advise clients on their day-to-day financial needs. In addition to communication, financial and information technology training, our program will show you the ins and outs of general business administration.

You will discover and master:

  • financial advising 
  • commercial banking services
  • business software and technology
  • introductory accounting principles
  • professionalism and business ethics 
  • marketing basics 

Program fit

You could excel in this program if you:

  • are fluent in English
  • work well as part of a team
  • have a keen appreciation for accuracy and detail
  • enjoy being actively involved in marketing products and services
  • are interested in working in the retail financial services industry

Classroom & study hours

On average, students can expect to spend:

  • 20 hours per week attending classes over the course of each semester
  • An additional 20-30 hours per week studying, completing assignments, doing research, reading, etc.

Hands-on learning

Through the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to engage with industry and practice with real-world case studies and job interviews. These activities will align your studies with the needs of industry and help bring the theory and concepts to life.

Scotiabank Banking and Stock Trading Lab

As a student in the Applied Financial Services program, you’ll have the opportunity to use the Scotiabank Banking and Stock Trading Lab, which replicates an operational financial institution to help you integrate key processes with client service expectations.

Practice makes perfect

Financial Banking Lab

8 customer service stations with simulated banking software, financial slips and drawers.

Enter the workforce with confidence

As a successful graduate, you will finish with strong interpersonal skills and demonstrate outstanding financial advising with the ability to offer products and services to clients.

Career examples

  • Customer service representative 
  • Financial advisor
  • Financial administrator
  • Accounts payable
  • Office manager
  • Assistant to insurance agents/mortgage brokers/Realtors 
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business owner 

Alumni success story

Chantel Gladue

Applied Financial Services '18

While at NAIT, Chantel benefitted from classes in the Scotiabank Banking and Stock Trading Lab that simulated a financial institution customer service environment. Her instructors also became key to her success, and she was fortunate to receive personal guidance and support to help remove academic obstacles.

Advice to students
"Stay dedicated to your studies and when life throws you curveballs, open up to your instructors – they want to help you succeed.”

Read Chantel's story

After graduation

Course credits obtained in our certificate program can be applied to the Business Administration diploma programs in the JR Shaw School of Business.

When you complete the certificate in Applied Financial Services, you will receive credit for 7 courses in our business administration diploma programs. Our diploma programs also lead into Bachelor of Business Administration year 3.

Learn more about our diploma and degree programs

Canadian Securities Institute

Our curriculum includes an Investment Funds in Canada course. Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to take an exam through the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) to become a licensed Mutual Fund Representative.

Learn more about the Canadian Securities Institute

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General Program Information / Advanced Credit

Business Information Centre – JR Shaw School of Business
Email: businfo@nait.ca 
Phone: 780.471.8998

Advanced Academic Information

Business Information Centre – JR Shaw School of Business
Email: businfo@nait.ca 
Phone: 780.471.8998

For General NAIT Information

Phone: 780.471.6248
Toll-free: 1.877.333.6248
Email: Student Service Centre

Business Information Centre

The Business Information Centre, on the third floor of CAT, provides generalized advising for students and prospective students for the JR Shaw School of Business.   Find out more



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Level 1 Term 1

AFSC1136Financial Services Fundamentals
  • Requisites: This course is available to students in the Applied Financial Services program.
  • Open Studies: Not Available

Financial Services Fundamentals focuses on preparing you to provide solutions to assist clients with their financial needs. In the Scotia Bank Lab, you will develop your customer service skills in a simulated financial services environment. This will provide you with an opportunity to practice working in various roles found in a financial institution.

COMM1101Communications I
  • Course Equivalencies: AAC160, BUSF850, COMM121, COMM122, JRSB101
  • Open Studies: Available

This course introduces the student to the complexities of written and oral communication. The students learn business writing strategies and techniques to communicate ideas effectively through written communication in an academic setting. Students will use software to compose, edit, and revise assignments with a focus on writing, critiquing, and editing text. Students are required to apply effective online and database research techniques and APA documentation to compile and write a formal information report. In addition to students gaining skills for effective writing, they will also learn effective oral presentation skills.

  • Course Equivalencies: AAC142, ECON187, ECON289, JRSB112
  • Open Studies: Available

The primary focus of this course is to explain the performance of the overall macro economy, as measured by gross domestic product, and other key economic indicators. Keynesian and Monetarist theories are examined and used as a framework to analyze and evaluate the effects of government fiscal and monetary policies on income, employment and inflation. The role of chartered banks is described when examining how the Bank of Canada implements monetary policy affecting Canada's interest rate. International economic issues of free trade, balance of payments and exchange rates are also examined and discussed.

FNCE1125Introduction to Finance
  • Course Equivalencies: BUSF855, FNCE282, JRSB125
  • Open Studies: Available

Introduction to Finance introduces the tools, calculations, and components needed to complete a financial plan; time value of money, financial goal setting, and tax planning concepts; and concepts and calculations relating to money, credit, and risk management. You will learn how to calculate the cost of revolving and installment type credit facilities and apply the tools and techniques required to purchase and finance a home. The course also introduces fundamental concepts in investing, including a discussion of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Retirement and estate planning concepts, including annuity and retirement income calculations, will be discussed.

ORGB1135Organizational Behaviour
  • Requisites: Co-requisite: COMM1101. This course is available to Open Studies students.
  • Course Equivalencies: AAC230, JRSB135, ORGB191, ORGB192
  • Open Studies: Available

This course provides an introduction to the influence of the manager and the employee on the organization and work. The point of view is managing individual differences for increased productivity and satisfaction. As well, a framework for understanding behaviour in a variety of settings is studied. Case problems are solved by groups using the rational decision-making process.

Level 1 Term 2

ACCT1115Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Open Studies: Available

Students will acquire a basic knowledge of how to use financial data, prepare financial reports, and communicate financial information to various stakeholders. This course introduces students to foundational accounting principles, preparation of financial transactions and their implications on financial information.

AFSC1137Professionalism in Financial Services
  • Requisites: This course is available to students in the Applied Financial Services program. Co-Requisite: AFSC1136.
  • Open Studies: Not Available

Professionalism in Financial Services focuses on building your personal brand to prepare you to enter the financial services industry. This includes reviewing your social media presence, preparing for an interview, and continued professional conduct throughout your career.

AFSC1138Financial Services Advising
  • Requisites: This course is available to Open Studies students. Although not required, successful completion of AFSC1136 and AFSC1137 are recommended.
  • Open Studies: Available

This is an intensive investment course that prepares the student for the Investment Funds in Canada license. Students will examine concepts such as mutual funds, listing of mutual funds, regulation requirements for advisors, portfolio recommendations, fixed income securities, and equities. Students will learn to provide effective and ethical advice based on client needs and to develop skills in customer relations.

CMIS1150Business Productivity Software
  • Course Equivalencies: AAC120, CMIS241, JRSB150
  • Open Studies: Available

This course introduces productivity applications in business. Emphasis will be placed on applied computing to develop skills in office applications such as spreadsheet, documentation, presentation, and collaboration tools for problem-solving and decision-making.

MARK1130Introduction to Marketing
  • Course Equivalencies: AAC250, JRSB130, MARK166, MARK167
  • Open Studies: Available

This course introduces you to the principles of marketing. The key concepts, methods of analysis, strategies, and tactics critical to managing profitable customer relationships in today's dynamic and connected environment are presented. Major emphasis is placed on the marketing mix and its strategic application to an increasingly complex business environment. In particular, the detailed areas of product, promotion, price, and distribution are examined in reference to achieving company objectives.


Cost Per Credit: $150
Tuition Cap: $1,883

Tuition for International Students

Cost Per Credit: $623
Tuition Cap: $7,814

Mandatory Fees

NAITSA: $129
U-Pass: $175
Health & Dental: $128
Rec. & Athletics: $70

Pay Your Tuition & Fees
How much will first year cost?

Books, Supplies & Program Fees (est.)

Level 1 Term 1: $900
Level 1 Term 2: $900

Dates & Deadlines

We recommend submitting your program application at least 90 days before the application deadline.

Application Deadline: Sep 03, 2019

Term Start Date: Sep 03, 2019

Program Availability Status:  

Domestic Applicants: OP
International Applicants: OP

Entrance Requirements

  • A minimum of 55% in each of:
  1. Grade 12 English
  2. Math 30-1 or 30-2 or Pure Math 30 or Applied Math 30


Successful completion of NAIT’s Business Foundations at 55%

Apply to Program

Apply to the program with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application process. Please note, processing time may vary for applicants, so we recommend starting early.

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International Students

This program is open to international applicants. For more detailed information about applying, visit our admissions page. Learn more


Term Definition
Open Program still has seats available.
Waitlisting Program is full and qualified applicants are being placed on a waitlist. For information about waitlists, please visit the Waitlist FAQs.

If you’re on a non-competitive waitlist, you should consider NAIT’s Academic Upgrading program or NAIT Equivalency Tests to become a more competitive applicant.

There is no guarantee that waitlisted applicants will be offered a seat, however it is common for seats to become available until the start of class. As seats become available, they are filled from the waitlist.
Closed Program is no longer accepting applications.
N/A Not available for this term.

*Program availabilty is subject to change without notice.

Scholarships & Awards

The following scholarships and/or bursaries are available to you as a student in this program. To access your opportunities, visit the Student Portal.

Canadian Western Bank Entrance Award $2,000.00
  • Award Amount: $2,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 1

Available to full-time students entering the JR Shaw School of Business. Awarded on the basis of top academic achievement in the final year of high school or upgrading courses. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need.

Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd. Scholarship II $1,000.00
  • Award Amount: $1,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 4

Available to first year students in the JR Shaw School of Business and the School of Health and Life Sciences. This award is based on outstanding academic achievement in the first semester marks.

HSBC Bank Canada Award $5,000.00
  • Award Amount: $5,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 1

Available to a first year student enrolled in the JR Shaw School of Business at NAIT. Awarded on the basis of academic achievement, community service and financial need.

NorQuest College - Dave Hoy Achievement Award $1,000.00
  • Award Amount: $1,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 1

Available to a NorQuest College student entering the first year of a Business or Technical program as a full-time student, and who have completed their studies with NorQuest College within the last three years. Awarded on the basis of the highest mark in two combined subjects as follows: if applying to a Technical program the subjects are Math and Science: if applying to a Business program the subjects are Math and English.

The Darwin Park Imperial Bursary $1,000.00
  • Award Amount: $1,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 1

Available to a second year student in the Chemical Engineering Technology, Instrumentation Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Materials Engineering Technology, School of Business, or Computer Engineering Technology program. The applicant must be a resident of Alberta; must have performed a high level of academic achievement, either prior to or during their attendance at NAIT; must have demonstrated leadership in various extra-curricular activities that have provided, or will provide, benefits to their school or to the community-at-large. Such extra-curricular activities might include community volunteer work or participation in school or community related art, music, science, or athletic programs. Special consideration will be given to students who have exhibited a high degree of courage, character and academic performance while overcoming significant challenges in their lives, such as illness, physical debilitation, or difficult family circumstances. An essay is required.

Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd. Scholarship I $1,000.00
  • Award Amount: $1,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 3

Available to second year students in the JR Shaw School of Business and the School of Health and Life Sciences. This award is based on outstanding academic achievement in the first year marks.

Bob and Wendy Hiew Bursary $2,000.00
  • Award Amount: $2,000.00
  • Number of Awards: 1

Bob and Wendy Hiew are both NAIT graduates from the Electrical Engineering and Accounting programs. Bob and Wendy have established this bursary in order to support students who are experiencing financial difficulties so they can devote their time to their studies in order to embark on a good career. Available to a second year student enrolled in any full time credit program in either the JR Shaw School of Business, or the School of Applied Sciences and Technology at NAIT. Awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and a minimum academic achievement of 75% in the first year of their program at NAIT.

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