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The Nanosystems Engineering Technology program is the only program of its kind in Canada. In it, you will be exposed to face-to-face, hands-on learning in our labs including in our specialized cleanroom facility.

In the program, you will learn about the fabrication and evaluation of micro- and nanomaterials and devices commonly used in a wide range of industries, such as health care, smart devices, and energy production and storage. You’ll learn how to operate systems and equipment used by nanotech researchers and manufacturing companies, such as the scanning electron microscope (SEM), which is used to obtain images of objects at the nanometre scale.

If you are seeking a multidisciplinary career in science and technology, this program will appeal to you. Nanosystems offers a growing number of high-tech and non-traditional career paths that will constantly challenge you with new and complex problems to solve.

Sep 01, 2023

Quick Facts

Credential: Diploma

Diplomas are credit programs that take 2 to 3 years and lead to government approved and industry-recognized credentials.

Campus: Main

Any in-person components of your courses will be delivered at NAIT's Main Campus in Edmonton. View map

Delivery Options:

  • Both On-Campus and Virtual - Some of your coursework will be in-person, on campus and some will be done online.

Length: 2 Years

With a typical full-time course load, this program will take 2 Years to complete.

Open Studies: Available

This program has courses that are available for Open Studies. Open Studies allows you to explore credit courses without applying to a program. It is an opportunity to get a feel for school and what program you want to be in. View courses

International Students: Accepted

This program accepts international students, however, program availability may be limited. Check program availability for this term. This program also meets the eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit program. Each student is responsible for maintaining their eligibility throughout their studies.

Grad Employment Rate

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Median Starting Salary

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What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology (or “nanotech”) is the science and engineering of materials at sizes in the nanometre (one billionth of a metre) range.

Nanotechnology is creating many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications in electronics, biochemistry, medicine, energy production and other fields. Nanotechnology can be found in everything from smart phones to sunscreens made by companies like L’Oreal, 3M, Bayer and Intel. 

Following investment by the province, Alberta is fast becoming the hub for Canada’s expanding nanotechnology industry.

Industry-approved nanosystems training

In this unique program, you’ll gain lab experience and clean room protocols through hands-on sessions in our specialized labs and at partner institutions at the University of Alberta and the Edmonton Research Park. You’ll become familiar with lithography (a technique used to make integrated circuits, or microelectromechanical devices), the synthesis of nanoparticles, the fabrication of devices such as Organic LEDs and solar cells, and lab-on-a-chip technology (where medical tests may be carried out on a hand-held device the size of a mobile phone). 

Upon successful completion of the Nanosystems Engineering Technology program, you’ll be able to:

  • design and implement Quality Management Systems
  • apply fundamental scientific understanding from a nano to a macro world
  • collect and analyze data
  • operate and maintain advanced process equipment
  • adopt workplace ethical and safety practices
  • demonstrate communication skills in an interdisciplinary environment
  • demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills
Computer chip Nanotechnology

Nanosystems Engineering Technology careers

Globally, nanotechnology is an emerging market that promises new and interesting opportunities across a variety of applications in many different industries. Alberta now boasts a growing nanotech enterprise sector of more than 70 companies, with many located in the Edmonton region. Nanotechnology is also being used within organizations beyond the nanotechnology industry to solve industrial challenges.

Where can a nanotechnologist work?

After graduating from the Nanosystems Engineering Technology program you may find work in a fast paced, challenging, and team environment with advanced equipment and small scale materials. Jobs are typically found in research and design, health, environmental, and manufacturing areas like:

  • microfabrication
  • sensors and devices
  • nanomaterial synthesis
  • clean technology
  • consumer products
Nanotechnology microscope

NAIT Nanosystem grads are prepared

“Nanosystems Engineering Technology is a very diverse program, you get to try your hands in many fields like microbiology, material science, and electronics for a few examples. The instructors are very informative and have a lot of experience in their fields. This program will let you try a lot of really neat things and it’ll open your eyes to the very small world that makes up everything we see and do. Nanotechnology in general has so much potential! “

NAIT nanosystems engineering technology graduate Abbie in a clean suit

Abbie G
Nanosystems Engineering Technology ’16,
MEMS Process Technician for NORCADA

Hear from an employer

“NAIT Nanosystems graduates work closely with our process specialists to run, develop, optimize, and characterize our micro and nanofabrication processes. NAIT graduates have greatly improved the efficiency of our team by providing technical fabrication support across a variety of state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization techniques.  From their training at NAIT, they are quickly able to learn, apply, and assist in improving fabrication techniques or providing insight on impacts of design decisions.”

Steve Rutledge
Process Manager at Avalon Holographics

Nanosystems Tech Certification

Graduates of this program earn a diploma in Nanosystems Engineering Technology. 

While enrolled in the program, you'll be eligible for student membership in the following professional associations:

After graduation and required work experience, you may also be eligible for professional accreditation. 

 Additional information

Bachelor of Technology

Completion of this diploma qualifies as the first 2 years of NAIT's unique 4-year Bachelor of Technology degree.

Become a certified engineering technologist

Students of this program are eligible for student membership in the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET).

Technology Accreditation Canada

This program has been nationally accredited by Technology Accreditation Canada.

Sydney Accord

This program is a national accredited program recognized by the International Engineering Alliance under the Sydney Accord.

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Courses and Advanced Credit

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Transfer Credit

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  • You must have completed the course or program no more than 5 year(s) ago unless a formalized articulation agreement is in place
  • You must have a minimum mark of B- in the course(s) or program

Read more about advanced credit or contact us about applying for credit for this program.


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