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Apprenticeship is a method of gaining the expertise needed to become a skilled tradesperson. This is done through a combination of on-the-job experience and classroom training.

Most apprenticeship programs are 3-4 periods in length, with an average of 8 weeks for each training period. In addition, there are specific allotments of on-the-job training hours associated with each period, so most apprentices complete 1 period per calendar year.

The Parts Technician program is made up of 2 distinct but closely related specializations: parts technician and materials technician.

Parts technician – parts will train you to identify, dispense and manage parts inventories, which may include automotive, heavy duty, farm implement, industrial, recreational vehicle, jobber, plumbing or electrical.

Parts technician – materials will train you in the movement of materials in a wide variety of industries, including agricultural, forestry, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transportation and wholesale/retail.

Hands-on, industry-relevant training

The Parts Technician program follows the current Alberta Apprenticeship Course Outline (pdf) to ensure all students are provided with appropriate training experiences to successfully pass their apprenticeship examinations.

Parts Technician

This trade is most rewarding for those who enjoy variety, working with people, working in their area of expertise and participating in the customer's success. To be successful in their trade, parts technicians need

  • the ability to deal effectively and courteously with the public, even in difficult situations
  • basic math skills
  • the ability to lift up to 18 kilograms
  • the ability to pay careful attention to details, such as parts catalogues and electronic inventory systems

Materials Technician

This trade appeals to those who enjoy taking a methodical approach to their work, operating handling equipment and keeping detailed records. To be successful in the trade, materials technicians need

  • physical strength and stamina
  • manual dexterity
  • the ability to lift up to 18 kilograms
  • the ability to work independently
  • good math, communication and computer skills
  • the ability to get along well with customers and fellow workers
Parts Technician

Enter the workforce with confidence 

Parts Technician

Parts technicians are employed by wholesale / retail businesses and warehouse distributors that deal with all types of parts. Apprentice parts technicians may begin working as stock / receiving clerks or drivers. As they become acquainted with the different parts, their applications and the stockroom system, they can be promoted to parts counter positions.

Experienced parts technicians who have business and technical experience may advance to supervisory positions such as parts department manager, store manager or even store owner. With some sales experience, parts technicians can move into sales representative positions.

Materials Technician

Most materials technicians are located in urban centres where manufacturers, wholesalers and large retailers have their warehouses. Others may be located where large manufacturing facilities are concentrated in non-urban settings (wood products plants, petroleum production facilities, etc.)

With the appropriate training and work experience, individuals can advance into supervisory positions, or into related fields such as purchasing, inventory control or materials management.

Parts Technician students with instructor

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