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Professional Meat Cutting & Merchandising

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You want to be a professional meat cutter.

You’ll work with beef, bison, pork, lamb, seafood, and poultry and learn how to produce cured, smoked, and processed meat and sausage. You’ll also learn about merchandising and purchasing meat products.

Professional Meat Cutting and Merchandising is 15 weeks in the classroom, immediately followed by a 3-week (90 hours) industry placement. This program has an emphasis on sanitation, safety, and quality control. You will have the opportunity to train in the NAIT Retail Meat Store, and you will benefit from the work experience placement for on-the-job training.

Graduates of the Professional Meat Cutting and Merchandising program find employment in the meat industry or meat processing plants, retail businesses such as supermarkets, speciality sausage shops, delicatessens, and independent meat markets. The principles of professionalism are key, along with respect, responsibility, and accountability in this field.

At NAIT, Professional Meat Cutting and Merchandising classes begin early in the morning, which is reflective of typical work hours in industry. The NAIT Meat Lab environment can often be loud, and requires standing for long periods of time, while using saws, meat grinders and slicers, knives, and many other types of kitchen equipment. Individuals should also be comfortable interacting with the public regarding the customer service aspect of both the program and the industry. Activities in the program and the field involve proficiency in the following: use of basic math skills such as measurement calculation, clear and concise written and verbal communication, and an ability to adhere to public health and safety standards. Meat cutting and merchandising environments may involve lifting and moving objects up to 25 kg (55 lbs.). These skills are essential to be successful in the Professional Meat Cutting and Merchandising program and to fulfill all the requirements of working in the meat cutting profession. (Please contact NAIT should you wish to discuss possible accommodations).

Quick Facts

Credential: Certificate

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Campus: Main

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Delivery Options:

  • On-Campus Day - Your course activity is done in-person Monday - Friday in the daytime.

Length: 18 Weeks

With a typical full-time course load, this program will take 18 Weeks to complete.

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International Students: Not Accepted

This program is not accepting international students for this intake.

Grad Employment Rate

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Median Starting Salary: $34,632

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Work Integrated Learning: Field Placement

This program has Work Integrated Learning (WIL). WIL is a form of experiential learning that integrates academic studies with relevant work-based learning. Experiences are directly tied to curriculum and part of an approved program of study.

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Hands-on, industry-relevant training 

The meat industry in Canada presents numerous challenging employment opportunities. The varied nature of this industry demands that personnel have a basic understanding of most meat-cutting concepts, including merchandising, cutting yields, purchasing, sausage-making and value-added meats.

The curriculum is designed so that you will develop a thorough appreciation for shop sanitation and personal hygiene standards. You will learn the practical aspects of proper care and safety procedures of tools and equipment. Instruction emphasizes a high standard of occupational competency and workmanship. The program's content includes concepts of total quality management that specifically includes quality awareness, customer focus, employee involvement and team work.

Emphasis is placed on practical cutting methods, selection of meats, preparation of specialty meats, storing and handling meats and general operation and maintenance of shop equipment.

Meatcutting students

Graduates of the Professional Meat Cutting and Merchandising program will learn to:

  • understand the fundamentals of meat theory including meat structure, nutrition, grading and inspection
  • order, judge and select meats
  • use safe and sanitary practices relating to meat storage and handling
  • prepare fresh meat, fish, poultry and value-added items
  • care for and safely operate hand tools and power meat-cutting equipment
  • provide quality customer service during the Retail Meat Store training component
  • engage in business fundamentals, including purchasing, receiving, marketing strategies, inventory control and product merchandising
  • apply business math techniques in profit principles, retail pricing and spreadsheet analysis
Meatcutting student

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Work Experience Placements

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