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MACH105 - Machine Shop II

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Course Overview

A lathe is one of the oldest machining tools, and if used properly, can create quality precision parts. Upon successful completion of this advanced course, students will be able to describe and demonstrate the operation of a manual machining engine lathe.

An engine lathe has a cutting tool clamped onto a power-driven cross slide on straight paths parallel or perpendicular to the work axis. This course will includes the theory and practical skills needed to operate engine lathes efficiently and effectively. Successful students will be able to describe and demonstrate tool grinding, lathe parts, controls, speeds, feeds, and safe practices.
Upon successful completion of this course students will also be able to describe and demonstrate lathe operations such as facing, rough and finish turning, knurling, boring, grooving and parting off. Students will also be able to perform drilling, reaming, and tapping on a lathe.

MACH105 can be used with MACH101 as a prerequisite for the NAIT Gunsmithing course series. This course is the second of four belonging to the Machine Shop Certificate Series.

Prerequisite: MACH101

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E01 Oct. 28 - Dec. 16, 2019 Mon, Wed
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42 hours Evening $640
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  • Oct. 28 to Dec. 11 - Monday, Wednesday: 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM
  • Dec. 16 - Monday: 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM

A $40 materials fee will be added upon registration. Personal protective equipment required: safety glasses, safety shoes. Printed course packages are available at the NAIT bookstore.

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