Simulation Technology & Equipment

Specialized simulation theatres

With 6,000-square-feet of immersive simulation spaces, CAMS combines 9 specialized theatres, 4 elevated control rooms, 5 ground level control rooms, an ambulance simulator, a driving simulator, and multiple breakout rooms to view and debrief simulations.

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CAMS Simulation Spaces

Explore our simulation theatres and discover  the possibilities. Please note: Equipment and scenario lists do not capture the full breadth of offerings. Please contact CAMS to inquire about custom scenarios or equipment available.

Large Theatres

The large theatres at CAMS are able to accommodate more participants and a wide variety of equipment.

Small Theatres

The small theatres at CAMS are specialized spaces perfect for smaller scale simulation scenarios.

360° Immersive Space

Built with state-of-the-art technology, CAMS 360° Immersive space uses extended reality to replicate realistic scenarios.

Ambulance Simulation Box

Built on a motion platform to replicate real-life scenarios for emergency response in a one-of-a-kind ambulance box simulator.

Driving Simulator

The driving simulator replicates real environments and patient transport scenarios.

Patient Simulation Manikins

CAMS has access to 19 healthcare patient simulators (manikins) that are highly specialized and of high-fidelity - creating a very realistic experience for users. 

Examples of manikins

  • Human Patient Simulator – one of the most advanced patient simulators, equipped with complex surgical, critical care and drug effect-simulations
  • Caesar – a heavy trauma manikin built to handle rugged environments and extreme temperatures
  • Lucina –  birthing simulator, able to simulate realistic childbirth and obstetrical emergencies
  • Our catalogue of iStan, Apollo, Athena and PediaSim manikins provide realistic and interactive patient experiences.
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