CAMS Fall 2022 Update

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The start of the 2022 Fall Semester has been a busy and exciting one for CAMS with lots of activities and events.


With the start of the new academic year, NAIT programs have been immersing their students in lots of experiential learning through simulation, and the CAMS team has been busy helping plan, set up, and run the simulations. Through the first three months, CAMS has already run 75 simulation sessions for 336 hours of simulation for NAIT students and provided 29 training sessions for 72 hours of simulation for external clients. CAMS has also hosted 18 tours for different groups from Alberta and beyond. 

Halloween (October 27) was also a big day for CAMS. The CAMS team, and many great volunteers, put on a Simulated Chilling Alternative Reality Event (SCARE) Innovation Evening to showcase the incredible capabilities of CAMS. The event was well attended by people from all aspects of the Alberta ecosystem, from students to founders. It was a scarily good time and CAMS is grateful for the support of StartUp TNT in promoting the event.


CAMS completed testing with Pulmvita and Cole Christianson to support the development of Pulmvita’s new medical device. CAMS is excited to be able to be a part of the innovation journey for such an exciting local health tech startup!

CAMS has collaborated with the School of Health and Life Sciences Interprofessional Education Passport program by setting up a joint IPE/Innovation event. The highlight of the event was an engaging lecture by Dr. Loepellman from the U of A on Sociotechnical Systems Theory and how to think about the technologies and systems healthcare professionals interact with every day.

Other highlights include tours of the Centre hosted as part of Edmonton Startup Week, engaging with local Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Creators, and others that are making things happen in Edmonton. CAMS also participated in many of the other Startup Week events as attendees including another great UofA/API Health Innovation Hub meetup put on by Paramita Chaudhuri and Marina Barbu; the insightful
Entrepreneurs in Action; The Journey from Startup to Scaleup and Beyond at the Telus World of Science with Izabella Roth, Myrna Bittner, and Dornoosh Zonoobi; and the exciting Launch Party 13 where CAMS Director Kerri Oshust had a fantastic time.


October was also filled with conferences where CAMS staff presented research, processes, and developments in simulation. At the Simulation Canada Sim Expo in Toronto, Efrem Violato presented research on Virtual Simulation (Which you can find HERE) and had the opportunity to engage in lots of interesting learning and discussions about simulation.

At the Alberta Biomedical Engineering conference in Banff, CAMS was represented on the Industry Panel and was privileged to get to see the fascinating work that will be the future of health innovation in Alberta, Canada, and globally.

At the AHS eSim Simposium, CAMS had three oral presentations and a poster presentation. Michele Edwards showcased a poster on the use of Animal Assisted Interventions in simulation; Thomas Waring presented on the Simulation Technologist Operations course developed by CAMS, Tiana Stuber presented Tip & Tricks for using Project Management processes to obtain accreditation; and Efrem
Violato presented on the development of CAMS platform for supporting Health Innovation.

Finally, CAMS also engaged with the international simulation community by presenting a Webinar (View it  HERE) along with a companion article on how simulation centres can expand their use (Find it HERE) for

Overall, it has been a productive and fascinating time, and CAMS is looking forward to lots more simulation, innovation, and education in the coming months!

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