This semester, there has been a noticeable increase in students expressing interest to resume in-person classes. Unfortunately, the availability of affordable housing options have decreased.

For students who or awaiting acceptance or have been accepted into a program and anticipate the need for housing, we strongly recommend you begin exploring housing options as soon as possible (once you are accepted), as most locations tend to reach full capacity by July 1st.

One of the most important things you will need when studying at NAIT is a place to live. NAIT is located in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta in Canada. It’s a vibrant city, with many events and tons to do year-round. 

The City of Edmonton has information on events, parks, city services and more. They also have a great list of resources for post-secondary students and information about housing in Edmonton.

Use this information to prepare for your stay in Edmonton and settle in to your new community after you arrive. If you have questions or need help, we are happy to lend a hand.

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International students who want to live with a Canadian family can do so through a homestay arrangement. If you choose this option, you are responsible for finding your own homestay family. NAIT partners with Canada Homestay Network, a national homestay company. Contact them for information on rates and services.

Homestay with CHN

Other housing options

You may prefer to live off campus in an apartment or house by yourself or with friends. There are many apartments and houses available for rent around the city. Please note that these options are not endorsed or reviewed by NAIT.

For more information about these housing options and how to apply for them, visit the pages below. Space is limited and fills up fast, so apply today!

Horizon Residence   Live Laurent   Mainstreet

For additional off campus options, you can visit the following sites: elevhomes.ca, places4students.com, rentfaster.ca

What should I consider when I am looking at places to live? 


Finding your own housing can be challenging, but you can make it much easier by considering the following:

  • Lease: You can usually sign a monthly or a yearly lease. Sometimes the yearly lease gives you a better deal; however, you cannot break the lease, which limits your ability to move if you decide you are not happy with your accommodation.
  • Utilities: Ask if the rent includes utilities (heat, water, power and cable). If not, check how much utilities cost per month. In Alberta, heating costs are quite high, especially in older houses and in the winter months.
  • Laundry: Find out if there are laundry facilities in the building or nearby.
  • Bus/LRT Connections: Check out the bus/LRT connections to NAIT. How long will it take? Where is the nearest bus stop?
  • Security: Check that the building is secure enough for you to feel safe. Many apartments have security systems on the main door, allowing only residents to enter the building.
  • Shared Accommodation: Sharing rent and utility costs with others can be considerably cheaper than living on your own. If you decide to share, remember that the person who signs the lease or rental agreement and utilities is responsible for the payments. In order to avoid disputes, you should discuss with your roommate how you will share expenses before you move in.
  • Read and understand the Tenant Rights and Responsibilities under the Government of Alberta's Landlord and Tenant section.

Transit and walking distance

Edmonton has long city blocks, but is well-connected with the Edmonton Transit System. A transit pass (called the U-Pass) is included in your student fees, and you can access the whole system--buses and trains. We recommend that you try to find a place to live that is close to a bus stop or train (LRT) station, or within walking distance to NAIT.

Looking for more information? Check out these pre-arrival tips and resources.
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