Stay in Canada Permanently

NAIT students and alumni can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) once they meet the eligibility requirements for one of the many PR pathways.  You will need to decide which immigration pathway works best for you.  For complete information about your immigration options, please visit Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Can NAIT International Academic Advisors answer my permanent residency (PR) questions?

At NAIT, International Academic Advisors are designated immigration professionals who are happy to support you with questions related to the student life cycle at no cost.  However, we do not advise on PR.


Where can I get help with my permanent residency (PR) application?

Some students apply for PR by themselves after extensive research and careful preparation. Others pay for professional advice from an authorized immigration representative. Only authorized immigration representatives can legally offer PR advice. Before hiring an authorized immigration representative, be sure that they are in good standing with their regulatory body. For more details, please check here

What are some general permanent residency (PR) pathways?

  • Provincial Nominee Programs are regional programs that allow provinces and territories to ‘nominate’ individuals to the Federal Government for PR; this pathway varies region to region and according to the number of applications and labour market needs.  You must intend to live in the province or territory where you are nominated.  For more information about Provincial Nominee Programs, see here.
  • Canadian Experience Class is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience.  NAIT alumni often gain this work experience after graduation since work experience gained while studying full-time is not considered eligible for this pathway.  Applications are processed through the Express Entry system.  You can find more details about the Canadian Experience Class here.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Programs are for skilled workers with foreign work experience.  Applications are processed through the Express Entry system.  You can find more information about this pathway here.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an online system that IRCC uses to manage applications for permanent residency (PR).  Applicants create an Express Entry profile, are given a score, and are placed in a pool with others who are also eligible.  Applicants are ranked using several factors, and top candidates are invited to apply for PR. Applicants can remain in the pool for one year.

What are some general permanent residency (PR) eligibility considerations?

  • Language Skills
  • Type/Level of Work Experience
  • Amount of Work Experience
  • Canadian Job Offer
  • Education

Where can I find more information about the different PR pathways and their eligibility requirements?

You can review this information directly on IRCC’s website here.  If you’d like support with this process, you can hire an authorized immigration representative.

If I receive permanent residency (PR) while studying at NAIT, how do I change my citizenship status?

You will need to complete the Student Protected Information Change Request Form and submit it, along with your PR card, by following the instructions on the form.  Once your citizenship status has been changed, you will be a domestic student.  This change will impact future tuition rates and eligibility for funding options.

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