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Enhancing healthcare through service and technology innovation

With over 30,000+ simulation hours since 2016, the Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS) offers an interactive and interdisciplinary clinical simulation facility that replicates real-world scenarios in clinical, community care, and home care environments.  

CAMS brings together a unique suite of customizable simulation theatres and healthcare professionals. CAMS  gives businesses, innovators, educators and students the opportunity to test  medical device prototypes, services, and practice clinical situations in a safe and controlled environment.  

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With a dedicated team of simulation experts, CAMS is transforming patient care in the Alberta health ecosystem  through clinical simulation, education, technology and applied research. With services dedicated to training, product usability testing, human-factors testing and more, CAMS has the solution for your simulation needs. 

Theatre 9 in Simulation Centre at NAIT


Simulation provides experiences that challenge users in highly-realistic scenarios. CAMS offers simulation spaces to facilitate a variety of realistic training scenarios to meet teams' learning outcomes and objectives.

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Simulation Centre at NAIT

Entrepreneurs and innovators

CAMS supports small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with newly developed health and medical devices, technologies, or services to help address barriers to market uptake. Through product usability testing, access to end-users, and realistic simulations for testing; entrepreneurs can uncover problems, discover opportunities and learn about end-user behaviour earlier in the product development process, saving time and money. 

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Med Lab Student


Students learn in an interdisciplinary, immersive environment to train and practice for real-world clinical situations. 

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Call for healthcare professionals

We are looking for healthcare professionals to test products, support our simulations and be involved in product innovation. Your experience and expertise will help shape and improve patient care in Alberta and beyond. To learn more on how you can get involved, reach out to the CAMS team.

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Alberta’s government is supporting the growth of health innovation and made-in-Alberta health solutions

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Health ecosystem collaborators

As a core collaborator in the Alberta health ecosystem, CAMS works with the following
organizations to grow and foster the health innovation space.



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