Canine Animal Blood Bank

NAIT’s Animal Health Clinic serves as a satellite collection site for the Canadian Animal Blood Bank, a not-for-profit that saves the lives of dogs by supplying blood to vet clinics to help treat animals undergoing surgery, suffering from illness or injury or in need of emergency care. Every month, NAIT holds two canine blood donor clinics.  As the blood bank is consistently short of canine blood, we are always looking for new dog donors to join our cause. Each donation has the potential to save the lives of three dogs in need! 

It's in them to give: register your dog as a blood donor

To qualify, your dog needs to be healthy and over 55 pounds. If your dog meets this criteria, we encourage you to register your dog as a donor. Prior to donating, new donors are required to have their registration form completed by their vet.

Hands-on learning

Students in NAIT’s Veterinary Technology and Veterinary Medical Assistant programs train at NAIT’s Animal Health Clinic under direct supervision, gaining valuable hands-on experience to prepare them for successful careers. 

Why donate?

There are mulitple benefits to becoming a donor including:

  • One complimentary blood product for each unit of blood donated, should the need ever arise (The cost of one unit of blood at a veterinary hospital or clinic costs between $250 and $400)
  • Free microchip identification
  • Bandana and blood donor tag
  • Milestone dog tags every 5 donations
  • Complimentary testing for blood-borne diseases and heartworm. Any abnormal results will be forwarded to your veterinarian
  • Every unit of blood that is collected can make a difference in the lives of 3 dogs and their families across Canada

Frequently asked questions

For more information related specifically to donating blood, please refer to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank’s FAQs.


In partnership with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank

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