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EVMT755 - Creative Concepts

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Do you believe that creativity is the property of the artistic few and a talent you don’t possess? Nonsense! Creativity is problem solving with relevance and novelty. It’s a quality you already have, and what’s more, you can get better at it.

In this fast-paced and interactive course you will practice expressing yourself creatively. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to produce a vast number of solutions to an event problem thanks to games and exercises—both written and verbal.

As a class, and in small groups, you will distill ideas down to their essence and use your newfound creativity to solve a specific event problem chosen from a selection of case studies.

Repeatedly solving problems with relevance and novelty will help you see noticeable progress in your creativity by the end of the course.

Note: It is recommended that you take EVMT725 - Writing Event Proposals before taking this course.

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