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EVMT800 - Event Management Capstone Project

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Course Overview

The final capstone project is intended to integrate and consolidate the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired during the Events Management Certificate Program and is a requirement for certification along with the Foundations Course (EVMT700). The project will document the application of skills through a real world event. Students will have the opportunity to plan their own event or participate in an existing event. In either case students will create an opportunity to try out the things learned in class.

Students can select any type of event from company social functions to conventions - there is no restriction on the event that you choose. We recommend that you select a one day event only so that it is a manageable scope and participation in the process from beginning to end is likely. The main criteria is that your project will be based on an actual event.

The events can be paid, volunteer or self-produced. There is no minimum hour requirement. Students hourly participation in the event is self-directed for as long as is necessary for you to gather the data required for the project. The onus is on the student to find / create their own event opportunity since networking, cold calling, and client relations are all key skills to develop as an event manager.

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