After a LOA is Received

ESL: Students

  1. Receive a LOA to the student's email inbox

    • 24 hours after the application is completed online, the student will receive their LOA
    • Students can view their LOA’s by logging into their MyNAIT Portal > Self Service > E-Letters
    • Please note NAIT will not be able to isse PALs for our ELS students. ESL students must already hold a valid stsus to study in Canada.
    • To defer ESL studies: NAIT can defer an ESL student three times, so they will receive four total offers of admission (LOAs). Students can count their LOA’s by logging into their MyNAIT Portal >Self Service > E-Letters. Send an email to no later than the deferral deadline noted on the LOA (usually one month prior to the start date of the semester).
    • For deferred students: Upload a new Confirmation of a Recruited Student Form with a new term for any deferred students. We will only provide commission if the term matches and if it’s uploaded within 15 business days of the deferral request. Deferrals can be made for two (3) consecutive semesters only, for a total of four different LOAs's.
    • To cancel an application: Review the refund policy and process. A $1000 refund will only be provided if refund is requested one month before the start date and a study permit denial letter is provided.
    • To apply for a refund: Download and complete the Request for a Refund form (pdf) and email it to before the refund deadline (one month before the start date). Attach the study permit rejection letter.
    • To print a receipt: Open the MyNAIT Portal. Click on My Account > Fees & Payments > Receipts & Payment History.
  2. Receive a study permit from immigration Canada. Scan the study permit and upload it to the MyNAIT Portal.

  3. Book your flight to Edmonton and arrange housing.

  4. Email to register for the placement test on NAIT Campus in Edmonton.

  5. Take ONLINE placement test  - students can book on the MyNAIT portal. My Academics > My Schedule and Enrolment.

  6. Check the MyNAIT portal for test results.

  7. Enroll in classes on the MyNAIT Portal. Click on My Academics > My Online Enrolment.

  8. Pay full tuition ​in-person or online through the MyNAIT PortalClick on My Account > Fees & Payments.

  9. Attend classes on time . Late arrivals are not permitted.

Important Documents (ESL)

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