Claiming Commission

Submit your student list, in Excel format, to NAIT International Recruitment ( by the dates outlined in your current agreement (listed below).

"The Representative shall submit the student list for students recruited by the Representative in accordance with the following schedule:

Academic Semester Due Date for Student List
Winter Semester February 15th
Spring Semester May 15th
Fall Semester October 15th
Summer Semester October 15th

In the event that NAIT has not received the student lists by the deadline dates noted above, the Representative shall forfeit their right to any commission payment for the recruitments during the period for which the lists were not received by the deadline.

Upon receipt of the student lists, and upon verification of accuracy by NAIT. NAIT will prepare the invoices for the Representative using the NAIT invoice template. Commission packages will be compiled and emailed to the agent for verification and final signature.

Conditions to meet for claiming commission:

  1. Student is enrolled in classes for the current term
  2. Student has paid full tuition with no outstanding balance
  3. CNFM FOIP form was uploaded to the student portal within 15 business days of applicaiton

Commission shall become due and payable thirty (30) calendar days following receipt of fully signed and stamped commission package by the Representative to NAIT."

  • Student referrals into Open Studies are not eligible for commission payments as per the NAIT Student Recruitment Authorized Representative Agreement (Article 2).

If you require assistance, please contact NAIT International Recruitment (

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