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Impact on Our Communities


Acknowledging the need

NAIT is a diverse community – our students, staff and industry partners come from all walks of life. We acknowledge that more must be done to eliminate barriers faced by marginalized populations at NAIT. This ensures that all people can access the opportunities and supports they need to succeed.

We will listen to our community and have conversations. We will think critically and challenge assumptions.

Our future success lies in the continuous and often complex work of translating the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy into meaningful change.

From our diversity and inclusion surveys:

Over 85% of students

feel comfortable being themselves at NAIT

Over 84% of staff

feel comfortable being themselves at NAIT

Aspiring towards an inclusive future

We aspire to engage and support all people across NAIT to end discrimination and oppression. Everyone plays an essential role in making NAIT a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a destination, and it requires continuous improvement. Our actions will be guided by our principles.

The NAIT community has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to supporting each other. We demonstrate this same commitment to creating a more just, equitable and fair future for everyone.

Understanding why our strategy matters

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy was created by our community, for our community. Its outcomes reflect NAIT’s values.

We respect diverse identities

We collaborate to further equity, diversity and inclusion

We celebrate our differences

We are accountable to learn, advocate and act

We support each other by advancing equity, diversity and inclusion

Fostering a diverse and inclusive polytechnic environment also enriches our work and learning experiences, which is key to realizing our promises to students, staff, industry partners and Alberta.

The development of the strategy, which began in 2017, was informed by student and staff feedback and comprehensive research of best practices.

Supporting our communities

NAIT is committed to providing the supports and resources our communities need to succeed. Check Life at NAIT for more programs and services.

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