Transcripts & Supporting Documents

 Deadline for submitting documents

All transcripts and educational documents must be submitted 60 days after submitting your application or by your program's  application deadline, whichever comes sooner. Please monitor MyNAIT portal to determine your deadlines. If your documents are not submitted by this deadline, your application may be cancelled.

Applicants to Health and Life Sciences programs that require a program interview will have 30 days after submitting your application.

Documents from within Alberta

If you attended an Alberta high school or a post-secondary institution in Alberta (participating in ApplyAlberta), NAIT will order and receive your official Alberta transcripts on your behalf.

If you are currently attending high school in Alberta, NAIT will order final transcripts. See below for additional details on providing proof of enrolment.

Confirm that your transcripts were successfully received by checking your To-Do list in your MyNAIT portal. If NAIT is unable to obtain your Alberta high school or post-secondary transcripts, an error notice will appear as To-Do list item on your application once your application is reviewed. You will need to contact Alberta Education to confirm your demographic information.

Documents from other schools within Canada

NAIT cannot obtain transcripts on your behalf from any institution outside of Alberta. 

If you attended high school or a post-secondary institution in another Canadian province, you must order your transcripts and have them sent to NAIT. You may upload scanned copies of your documents – also known as unofficial documents – for an initial review and to be considered for conditional admission. NAIT requires official transcripts to make a final admission decision. To have your official transcripts submitted to NAIT, you must:

  • Request transcripts from the province or post-secondary institution where you went to school and ask that your official transcripts be sent directly to NAIT from the issuing institution by mail or shared through MyCreds™.
  • If you have received an official transcript in an unopened envelope, you may submit the sealed envelope in person to the Student Service Centre. Opened transcripts are not considered official.

If you are applying from out of province, be sure to look up your high school course equivalencies prior to applying.

View high school course equivalencies

If your name has legally changed and it does not match the name on your transcript or educational documents, you need to upload proof of the name change (eg. a marriage certificate) to your MyNAIT portal. Learn how to upload proof. 

Documents from outside of Canada

If you studied at a school outside of Canada, you will need to submit your transcripts and educational documents so NAIT can fully assess your application. Be sure to check the document requirements by country.

  • Step 1: Gather required documents
  • Step 2: Confirm whether you meet English language standards
  • Step 3: Translate documents to English
  • Step 4: Upload unofficial documents (copies of original documents)
  • Step 5: Order and submit official documents

View international document requirements

Uploading unofficial documents

You may be required to upload supporting documents to MyNAIT. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to MyNAIT portal
  2. Select Open Self Service button
  3. Select Admissions tile
  4. Select Submission of Documents on left panel
  5. Select the blue [+] to add and upload your required document(s).

How to upload documents to MyNAIT 

Remember, all uploaded transcripts are considered unofficial documents. You still must provide NAIT with official documents. Documents are considered official when they are sent directly from the issuing institution or authority to the NAIT's Office of the Registrar. 

Additional considerations

Current high school or academic upgrading students

Applicants currently in high school or taking upgrading courses may need to submit a completed Proof of Enrolment and Progress Report Form PDF (151 KB), progress reports, or other supporting documents displaying their current grades in the courses required for admission. If needed, these documents will be requested via your MyNAIT Portal and must be uploaded by the specified deadline. Please ensure the proof of enrolment contains your full name and course details.

  • Admissions may consider the final grade in a prerequisite course if the required course is in progress. Previous attempts at a required course may also be considered during the admissions evaluation and might require additional information for assessment.
  • For Alberta high school students, NAIT will also accept proof of enrolments through School Zone or Power School. Ensure that both your name and course information are included.

Proof of name change

If your current legal name is different than the name on your transcripts or educational documents, please submit a Applicant Name History (PDF) form. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form for submission details and required proof, like a marriage certificate or legal name change certificate.

Translating documents to English

If your transcripts or educational documents are in a language other than English, you will need to get them translated to English by a certified translator (signed and stamped) before submitting them. If you have documents from within Canada that were originally issued in French, NAIT does not require an English translation.

English language proficiency

NAIT offers instruction in English only. If your previous education was completed in a country that is not  on the exempt country list, you may also need to submit proof of English Language Proficiency (ELP).

Conditional acceptance

NAIT will offer Conditional Acceptance, pending the completion of any outstanding entrance requirements. Applicants must submit a Proof of Enrolment and Progress Report Form PDF (151 KB) by the date indicated on their portal to receive Conditional Admission. To receive a full offer of admission, final transcripts must be submitted to NAIT by the date indicated on your MyNAIT Portal.

Term Submit transcripts by
Fall (September) July 31
Winter (January) December 15
Spring (May) April 15

If final transcripts are not received, or you do not meet entrance/competitive requirements, your offer of admission will be revoked. Please note, NAIT does not have a mature student policy.

Official documents can be submitted in person to the Student Service Centre (CAT180) or by mail to the address on this page. Please note: As per NAIT’s Retention Policy, all physical documents submitted to NAIT by mail become the property of the Institution and will not be returned to the applicant. Effective March 1, 2024, documents submitted in person will also become NAIT's property and will not be returned.
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