Degrees, Diploma & Certificates

A step-by-step guide for domestic students applying to degree, diploma and certificate programs at NAIT

How to apply

Learn how to apply to NAIT and what to expect after submitting your application. This tool will help you track your application to make sure you're not missing any steps in the admissions process. Remember, apply early for your best chance to secure your spot!

Domestic applicants

NAIT defines domestic applicants as anyone who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or as anyone who has protected person status as a refugee in Canada.

Before you apply

1. Explore your options

Find your perfect fit

You can explore the full list of all programs and courses offered at NAIT.

If you’re still deciding on a program, take our Find Your Future quiz to get you thinking of what programs may be a good fit based on your interests, skills and aspirations.

Another way to explore what NAIT has to offer is by attending an upcoming event, taking a campus tour and checking out upcoming info sessions.

View upcoming events

Review program availability

Is the program open for applications?

Make sure your program is still accepting applications. Check the program availability for domestic applicants to see what programs are accepting applications and the terms and delivery modes available.

2. Check program requirements

Entrance requirements

Each program page lists the admission requirements that are required to be accepted to the program.

  • Minimum entrance requirements are the required high school courses and the minimum final grades required to be considered for admission to the program. If you have education from another province outside of Alberta, check the high school course equivalencies.

Additional admission requirements

Program delivery

Some NAIT programs have one delivery method, while others have multiple options available. For example, you may be able to take your program entirely online or hybrid (a mix of online and in-person instruction). 

Check program delivery options listed on the program page and carefully consider which delivery options will work best for you.

Plan your finances and review tuition costs

It’s important to be realistic about your savings and current financial situation, both before you apply and during your studies. Take some time review the estimated tuition cost at NAIT.

3. Know your deadlines and apply early

Check when applications open

Intake dates for domestic applicants

Be sure to stay on top of important dates and deadlines. When you can apply will depend on the intake you’re applying for – remember, not all programs have multiple intakes. NAIT’s domestic applications open on:

  • October 1 – Fall intake (starts the following September)
  • March 1 – Winter intake (starts the following January)
  • June 1 – Spring/Summer intake (spring starts the following May, summer starts the following July)

Request transcripts as soon as possible

If you have education from outside of Alberta or Canada

Did you attend high school or complete any previous post-secondary education outside of Alberta or Canada? If yes, you must order your transcripts and have them sent to NAIT as soon as possible after you apply. It’s a good idea to request these transcripts now from the province or school where you attended, so you can submit them shortly after you apply.

If you attended school only in Alberta, don’t worry – NAIT will receive your Alberta transcripts on your behalf.

Learn more about transcripts and required documents

Submitting your application

4. Apply online

Gather information for your application

When you’re ready to get started on your application to NAIT, you’ll need:

  • Alberta Student Number – Look up or request an ASN
  • Basic Account
  • Personal email address
  • Information about your previous education, including what schools you attended and when
  • Valid credit card, Visa Debit, or Debit Mastercard to pay non-refundable application fee

Make sure you have the above items ready before you start your application.

Which email address should I use for my application?

  • Use an email address you check frequently. Once you have submitted your application, NAIT will communicate with you via your MyNAIT portal (see details below) and your personal email.
  • We recommend using the same email address for all correspondence with NAIT so all application and program updates are easily accessible from the same inbox.
  • You will not be assigned or receive a NAIT student email account; instead, any notices will be sent to you through the email you provide or via your MyNAIT portal that you'll create after applying.

Apply online at

Start your application

As a domestic applicant, you will submit your NAIT application online using the ApplyAlberta website. ApplyAlberta lets you apply to any public post-secondary in Alberta and helps with sharing your past transcripts.

If you're interested in multiple NAIT programs and would accept an offer of admission to either program, the application lets you pick an optional second choice program. Be aware that applicants who select a program as their first choice will receive priority for available seats.

Apply Now

Review your application and pay the non-refundable application fee

Final review and pay application fee

After completing the application steps, it’s important to do a final review of your application to make sure all the information is correct.

The final step is paying a non-transferrable and non-refundable application fee ($115 for domestic applicants) to submit your application to NAIT.

Payment options include:

  • Credit card (AMEX, MasterCard or VISA)
  • Visa Debit
  • Debit Mastercard

After you apply

5. Stay connected

Create a MyNAIT portal account

After applying, you will be emailed a NAIT Student ID number to the email account included on your application. This email will include instructions on how to create your MyNAIT portal account (

Write down your NAIT ID number somewhere safe. You’ll need it in future correspondence with NAIT.

Your MyNAIT portal is where you will:

  • Monitor your application, including your application’s To Do List items
  • View important application deadlines and due dates
  • Review important e-letters

Need help navigating your MyNAIT portal? Visit the MyNAIT Self Service Guide.

What’s an e-letter?

E-letters are digital notifications NAIT uses to send important information to applicants and students. E-letters contain updates about your application, such as an offer of admission, and are often time-sensitive. Frequently check your e-letters in MyNAIT to avoid missing critical NAIT updates. Learn more about e-letters in the MyNAIT Self Service Guide.

Submit required transcripts and documents

Official documents

NAIT requires official transcripts to make a final admission decision. It’s important to submit all required documents as soon as possible after applying so your application is not delayed.

All transcripts and educational documents must be submitted 60 days after submitting your application or by your program's start date, whichever comes sooner.

Education in Alberta Education outside of Alberta or outside of Canada

If you attended high school or post-secondary in Alberta, you do not need to take any action. NAIT will order and receive your Alberta transcripts on your behalf.

If you have any previous high school or post-secondary education from outside Alberta, you must order and submit your transcripts and supporting documents to NAIT. We cannot assess your application until your transcripts are submitted.

Learn more

If you are currently attending high school, depending on your current courses, you may be asked to submit a proof of enrolment or progress report form.

Ordering official transcripts from a school outside Alberta or Canada? 

Sometimes official transcripts can take time to arrive at NAIT. You can upload copies (scanned or photocopied versions) of your transcripts and educational documents to your MyNAIT portal. 

Then, while we wait for your official (original) transcripts to arrive, you may receive a conditional offer of admission with your uploaded (unofficial) documents.

How to upload documents to your application in MyNAIT

  1. Log in to your MyNAIT portal
  2. Select Open Self Service
  3. Select the Admissions tile
  4. Select Submission of Documents on left panel navigation
  5. Select the blue [+] to add and upload your required document(s).

Watch how to upload documents

Once uploaded, transcripts and submitted documents can take up to 10-15 business days to review.

When submitting documents via mail, it can take up to 7-10 business days once these documents are received for them to appear on your account.

Monitor your application frequently

Your application status

It is your responsibility to check your MyNAIT portal regularly and review your To Do List for each application.

You can view your application status and status definition on the homepage of your MyNAIT portal or by:

  1. Logging in to your MyNAIT portal, and select Open Self Service
  2. Choose the Admissions tile
  3. Select your program application
  4. View the application status and definition

Program interviews

If you applied to one of NAIT’s health programs with a program interview requirement, shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email with instructions on how to complete the interview. 

Don’t forget to check your personal email

There may be times when NAIT contacts you via email about your application – some of these messages can be important and time sensitive. So in addition to your e-letters, be sure to continue monitoring your personal email, listed on your profile in MyNAIT.

Check your application To Do List

Outstanding To Do List items

Your application’s To Do List will change as your application is reviewed:

Timing What you will see What you need to do
Within 24 hours of applying

General program requirements

After applying, your To Do List will display ALL the program’s entrance requirements, including:

  • Minimum high school requirements
  • Competitive requirements (if required)
  • Any additional admissions criteria

Unless you have previous education from outside of Alberta, no action is needed by you yet.

If you have education from outside of Alberta or outside of Canada, this is a good time to send your transcripts to NAIT. Learn more

After Admissions initially reviews your application

Your specific program requirements

Once Admissions reviews your application, your To Do List will be updated to list only outstanding items that you need to submit or complete.

Common items include:

Carefully review the items on your To Do List – you must complete each item before the posted due date.

You can select each item to learn more about what is required.
As your application status changes

Remaining or additional requirements

As you complete items on your To Do List, they will be removed.

If your application is incomplete, be sure to complete any outstanding To Do List items as soon as possible.

If your application is "Incomplete" you may be required to submit additional information or documentation – these requirements will be listed in your To Do list. Submit any requirements as soon as possible so we can assess your application without delays.

  • Be sure to follow the deadlines (formatted as: mm/dd/year).
  • If you do not fulfill your To Do List by the indicated deadlines, you risk the chance of your application(s) being cancelled.

What does ‘initiated’ mean on my To Do List?

After applying, all program requirements will appear as ‘initiated’ which means they are a program requirement or pathway into the program. Basically, it means that your application is active.

As Admissions reviews your application, your To Do List will be updated with only the remaining items you need to complete; these outstanding items will still be listed as ‘initiated’. Once you submit an outstanding item and it’s evaluated, it will be removed and no longer visible.

Wait for an e-letter with an admissions decision

Admissions decision

Once NAIT has evaluated your application and made an admission decision, you will receive an e-letter in your MyNAIT portal. Read your e-letter carefully as it outlines important information and next steps.

Generally, admissions decisions will fall into one of the following 3 categories:

  • Accepted
  • Waitlisted
  • Cancelled

You can find a full list of all applicant statuses and definitions on the MyNAIT portal.

 Glossary of NAIT Terms 


If your chosen program fills before your application is evaluated, you will be placed on a waitlist. Waitlisted applicants may receive an offer of admission later if a seat becomes available. This could happen anytime leading up to the start of the term. Learn more about waitlists, including a waitlist FAQ.

Apply for entrance awards

Awards for incoming students

You don’t need to wait to be accepted into a program to apply for entrance awards! While you're waiting for an admissions decision, you may be eligible for entrance awards as an applicant to NAIT – including monetary awards, bursaries and grants.

After applying and creating your MyNAIT account, you will be sent an email with access to the entrance award application within 24 hours.

Learn more about entrance awards

6. Accept your offer

Accept your offer by paying your tuition deposit

Offer of admission

If you have met all requirements and a seat is available, you will be offered admission via e-letter. Congratulations on getting into NAIT! Accept your offer by paying your non-refundable tuition deposit by the deadline indicated in your offer letter.

Learn more about accepting your offer

Remember, the tuition deposit amount will be applied to your account and will go towards your first-term tuition payment.

If you do not pay your deposit by the deadline, your offer of admission may be cancelled and your seat could be offered to another qualified applicant.

View payment options

Receiving a late offer of admission

For some programs, NAIT may send offers of admission into the first week of classes. If you accept an offer of admission after the tuition payment deadline, then you must pay your tuition and fees within 24 hours of acceptance.

Conditional admission

If you were offered conditional acceptance, continue to monitor your MyNAIT portal for requests for information and deadlines to submit outstanding documents such as final transcripts. You must complete all your outstanding requirements or conditions before receiving full admission to the program.


We encourage you to review and consider the funding options available to you to help meet your educational goals.

View funding options

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