How NAIT evaluates your application

Competitive Entrance

Some programs have competitive entrance requirements that applicants must meet for admittance into their program of choice.

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Program Interviews

In some cases, programs may include an in-person or online interview as part of the application process in addition to evaluating a student’s academic qualifications.

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Non-competitive Entrance

Many of NAIT’s programs have non-competitive entrance requirements and admit students on a first-qualified approach.

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Admissions Criteria

To meet the general and program-specific admission requirements, you must:

Related resources

NAIT offers a variety of ways to satisfy the admissions criteria for your program of choice. Discover the support and resources to you need.

Academic Upgrading

NAIT’s Academic Upgrading program is a bridging program designed for adults from a variety of academic backgrounds to gain prerequisite entrance requirements needed for post-secondary study.

High School Equivalency Tests

If you are missing or need to improve your marks in English, Math, Physics, Chemistry or Biology, you may wish to challenge one or more NAIT equivalency tests.

Aboriginal Applicants

As an Aboriginal student, if you meet the minimum entrance requirements for a program, you can gain admission to a NAIT program with a competitive entrance and/or program interview requirement.

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